Sam Smith adds a second show in Singapore

Sam Smith adds a second show in Singapore

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Text: Adibah Isa

Didn't manage to snag a ticket to Sam Smith's concert in Singapore? Midas Promotions and Unusual Entertainment have added an extra show on 3 October

Fastest fingers first, they say. Sometimes, those nifty things just aren't fast enough. After waiting in line with multiple channels open last week, prospective buyers were still left disappointed when tickets to the Sam Smith concert on 2 October were sold out in minutes. Within hours, ticket scalpers (death be to all!) were reselling the coveted items for as much as $1,800. Brutal.

In response to this, Midas Promotions and Unusual Entertainment have made your dreams of watching him (almost) come true. That is, if you're fast enough this time. They've added a new show on 3 October, with ticket sales opening on Tuesday. Of course, Smith isn't some underrated, indie act whose appeal's only appreciated by the discerning — everyone from your grandmother to that annoying intern you can't stand worships at the altar of 'Too Good For Goodbyes', so we suggest strategising this ticket purchase. 

The Grammy-winning artist comes to Singapore for the first time in support of his sophomore album, The Thrill of It All, which has spawned emotional numbers such as 'Pray' and 'Burning'.

Tickets for Sam Smith's concert on 3 October will go on sale on Sports Hub Tix from 10am, 8 May.