Refugee Awareness Week in Singapore: 3 ways you can be involved

Refugee Awareness Week in Singapore: 3 ways you can be involved

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Text: Clara Tan

Image: The New York Times,
Amnesty International

There's always a way you can contribute

It's Refugee Awareness Week, where people around the world honour the men, women and children who are forced to flee their homeland. In commemoration of World Refugee Day, we've seen celebrities like Angelina Jolie, George Clooney and Cate Blanchett stepping out to raise awareness of the plight of these vulnerable groups. In Singapore, the concept of refugees and asylum countries might seem geographically foreign; however, unaware to many, places as near as Johor Bahru are taking in these affected communities. Advocate of Refugees—Singapore (AFR-SG) has launched a series of programmes that you can take part in. Here's how you can contribute in practical and meaningful ways:

1. Send the refugees a message
Together with AFR-SG, Lush Singapore has launched a limited edition Bar of Friendship soap. You can also write a short message on postcards found in stores, which will be sent to Syrian refugees in Jordan. In addition to that, you can head down to the mini flea market at the Youth Park this weekend. Vendors include Indonesian fashion label Threadapeutic, who creates items out of recycled materials; social enterprise Chamaliin from Thailand and humanitarian agency Souriyat Across Borders from Jordan.  refugee-awareness-week-singapore

24 June, 11am to 3pm at The Red Box, Level 1, Amphitheatre/Youth Park.

2. Join the conversation 
If you have any burning questions to ask, here's your chance to step into a human library. A panel of Singaporeans who have worked on the ground with refugees will be present to share their experiences, with topics surrounding the Syrian children in Lebanon, the identity of the Rohingyas and the largest non-violent movement.

24 June, 1pm to 5pm at The Red Box, Level 1, Friendship Lounge.

3. Get children involved  
It's never too early to get the next generation plugged in. Suitable for all ages, a story-telling session by theatre performers will clue you in on what's happening and why. The session will also include a list of fictional book titles on the topic of refugees for you to borrow and read.

24 June, 3pm to 4pm at Central Public Library Basement 1, My Tree House.