Raffles Hotel launches a secret postcard sale

Raffles Hotel launches a secret postcard sale


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Instagram | @raffleshotelsingapore

It's your chance to bring home specially designed postcards from The Raffles Inspires – A Secret Postcard Sale. One of them's by George Young

What a way to celebrate its 130th year. Before the historic Raffles Hotel closes for renovations in August, they're giving you a chance to bring a snippet of its legacy — or at least, pass it on to your loved ones. Always one to recall the glamourous and adventurous journeys of the past, (think: A Rudyard Kipling-like discovery), the hotel has teamed up with designers to create postcards for a secret postcard sale. The designers' identities are pretty secretive, with the hotel releasing them daily via their social media channels.

Celebrating the first day of the postcard sale, Raffles Hotel has revealed the first four designers they've collaborated with: Alexandra Champalimaud, George Young, Wong Maye-e and David Cecil Holmes. The individuals come from all walks of life and are captains of their diverse industries, with some designs from students of the Autism Association (Singapore). Each of the designs come in 130 pieces and are on sale till 11 June at their pop-up store designed by Daniel Boey. All proceeds will be donated to Autism Association (Singapore). The next time you feel like texting someone with stories of your recent trip, say it in a postcard from Raffles Hotel instead.


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