Pink Dot 2018: Best Instagrams from the LGBTQ movement

Pink Dot 2018: Best Instagrams from the LGBTQ movement


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Sebastian Tan

Pink Dot celebrated its 10th year with performances, dog-spotting and a whole lotta love. We present the highlights from Instagram

1. Dancer, choreographer and instructor Andreas Chua gets ready


2. It's not just about wearing pink, as 938NOW's presenter Charlotte Mei affirms


3. An iconic Singapore motif gets the pink treatment by a watercolour artist


4. So does a drink from Loof — Lo & Behold are one of Pink Dot 2018's proud sponsors


5. This Ong Shunmugam cheongsam is all kinds of jambu (Malay for 'pretty') 


6. A drag queen from Tantric gets ready


7. Actor and former nominated member of parliament Janice Koh urges us to move forward


8. So tell us, what are you ready for?


9. Too many doggies, too little time



10. MAS1A (who's about to drop her album next week) lights up the stage 


Check out this Pink Dot playlist.

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