Now retailing at the Buro pop-up: Kala Pata lacquer boxes

Now retailing at the Buro pop-up: Kala Pata lacquer boxes

Buro loves lacquer

Text: Adibah Isa

The vibrant colours of Peranakan culture are captured in handmade lacquer boxes from Kala Pata's Singapura collection, now available at the Buro 24/7 Singapore pop-up

Support local, believe in local: Here's another way to uphold local tradition in a aesthetically contemporary and useful way.

Kala Pata — named after the Bengali word for 'banana leaf' — has always been at the forefront of celebrating Singapore's diverse culture through their vibrant stationery. Each notebook, iPhone case, wrapping paper and Thank You card is etched in tradition — their Padma print borrows the lotus motif found in Nyonya porcelain ware, while their Botanica print is inspired by the tiles with Art Nouveau motifs found on the shophouses along Joo Chiat and Emerald Hill.

For something to store the little details that make up your everyday look, we suggest Kala Pata's handmade lacquer boxes. Drawing inspiration from the striking colours and prints found in Peranakan tiles, each box is fully lined with hand woven fabric and includes two removable trays. Great for putting away jewellery, mementos and tiny cards, they're a beautiful addition to your dresser. Available in three colour schemes, see what's in store in the gallery below.

Kala Pata is available at our Buro 24/7 Singapore pop-up at Scotts Square, 01-­06, 6 Scotts Road.