What you might have missed from PM Lee's National Day Rally 2016

As told by the Twitterverse

What you might have missed from PM Lee's National Day Rally 2016
As PM Lee returns from the medical condition he experienced on stage, we take to Twitter to round up the responses to the National Day Rally 2016 so far

1. Pokémon no GO
A viewer checks his app...just in case. 


2. National language done right
While PM Lee's ethnically Chinese, he slays the Malay language better than the best of us.


3. Durians and trains go hand in hand
PM Lee pretty much knows what's in season now. 


4. Brexit paved ways
Cue the obligatory Brexit mention — pretty much one of the biggest things to happen in the world this year.


5. Dear Mr. President
Sometimes, we don't quite like the subtle things we hear.


6. PM Lee almost broke the internet
...and Twitterverse, and our Facebook feeds, and our WhatsApp messages. A whole nation awaits.


7. Better hydration next time?
Lets put what we learned in school parades to good use. 


8. Things got ugly
A certain Jeyaretnam made a remark that didn't go down well.


9. The prodigal son returns
All is almost well — PM Lee's rep gave an update and announced his return to the National Day Rally 2016.


10. Don't even think about calling in sick tomorrow
Think you can get away with yet another long weekend? Think again.

For more updates on the National Day Rally 2016, follow PM Lee's official Facebook page here

Text: Adibah Isa

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