Nathan Hartono wows judges at a talent competition in China


Text: Adibah Isa

Singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono impresses judges of talent competition Sing!China at a blind audition, which includes judge Jay Chou

We've already known that Nathan Hartono can be quite the charmer — but he's now making a whole new audience go weak in the knees. By a new audience, we mean a possibly one billion-strong one, as new talent show Sing!China hits the screen on Zheijiang TV every Friday night.

The local singer-songwriter wowed judges Na Ying, Harlem Yu, Wang Feng and Jay Chouwith in his first performance in China with an r&b-tinged cover of the Mandarin ballad You Mei hou (Have You Ever) by Wei Li An. Like The Voice, the judges will not see the singers until they push the button signaling their interest. In Hartono's case, all four judges turned — watch his blind audition above, and find out who Hartono eventually chose to be his mentor.

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