Nathan Hartono and Milo peng: The funniest reactions

Nathan Hartono and Milo peng: The funniest reactions

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Text: Adibah Isa

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Love Nathan Hartono and a good cup of Milo peng? You're not the only one

We've always known Nathan Hartono's going to make it big. Heck, we predicted it way back when he was handpicked to be our first ever guest on Buro Backseat. Little did we know that a little over a year later, he'd be one of the top songbirds in Sing! China, a singing competition that's introduced the 25-year-old into a much bigger audience. Everyone's on a Hartono high, including your humble childhood favourite drink, Milo. Ever since Hartono boldly announced in an interview that he would rent Milo vans and treat everybody to Milo peng if he won the contest, fans have been wild with speculation. Naturally, the good (and opportunistic) folks at Milo Singapore jumped at the chance, supplying their much-loved Milo trucks in Plaza Singapore, Bedok Mall and Bugis+. We know how much Singaporeans love an icy malt beverage, but once you add a certain singing sensation to the mix, things can get pretty interesting.

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When we all shared the pain of slow customer service


When a fan took his love for Nathan Hartono and Milo to the next level


so I hear the Milo vans are actually being dispatched at a bunch of locations in SG today a lot of people have been asking me if this is some kind of brand deal/sponsorship etc. it really isn't. I haven't even been in contact with Nestle because of the crazy schedule here in China it started off as a joke, and it kinda just took on a life of its own, because: Internet. But hey, if it means people all over town today get free Milo van Milo, then I'm happy. Seeing that big green bus always brightened my day back in school. So glad we could recreate some of that nostalgia. Enjoy guys (: sending love from Beijing p.s. Would love to see photos of the Milo madness! Tag me in them p.p.s. Someone sent me this photo and it's ridiculous

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When someone called out the true nature of some Singaporeans



When some of us weren't sure if he'd see through his promise



When Hartono appeared, Milo peng was distributed and still there's no pleasing everyone



When life expectancy dropped several years

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