Naiise launches a UK platform and pop-up in Shoreditch

Naiise launches a UK platform and pop-up in Shoreditch

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Text: Adibah Isa

Naiise amps up their presence internationally with a UK platform and pop-up in Shoreditch

What are some quintessentially British icons? Away from their celebrities, musicians and royalty, we're all too familiar with other tangible subjects: Corgis, teapots, The Gherkin, Buckingham guards and the Union Jack. So much so, that when Singapore homeware brand Onlewo presented a UK-inspired stool to their collection, the folks incorporated London icons such as The Gherkin and the guards into the Peranakan-inspired print on their stool.

Onlewo joins 36 Singaporean designers presented by Naiise in the United Kingdom. Their biggest effort to reach out to an international audience, the four-year-old local retailer has launched a UK web platform with a pop-up to boot. There's no other place better than the East End of London of course, where cereal cafes and rainbow bagels rule. Located within the Old Truman Brewery at Shoreditch, the pop-up store is an ironic stab at the Asian sweatshop, with the words "We sweat over what we make. But this ain't no sweatshop." on their shopfront. A 'Stress Less Printing Press' corner also allows visitors to print their own posters with a wooden mallet.

Naiise has also established warehouse facilities in London, with the retailer shopping to destination within the UK. Their Shoreditch pop-up runs till 19 November. Check out a selection of the UK-exclusive products below.

Check out Naiise UK.