Dear Murad Osmann, that kebaya top is worn backwards

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Dear Murad Osmann, that kebaya top is worn backwards
In Murad Osmann's latest picture from his #Followmeto series, the Russian photographer captures his wife Nataly Zakharova wearing a kebaya top, albeit backwards

"Nothing portrays the country more than its people, with their stories and culture," captions Murad Osmann on one of his photos in his Instagram account, @muradosmann.

We couldn't agree more, Murad. But not when your model's wearing a traditional piece of clothing backwards.

In a recent picture uploaded onto Osmann's account, his wife Natalie Zakharova is pictured in Haw Par Villa wearing a nyonya kebaya. It's a beautiful capture: A signature of the photographer's popular #Followmeto series, Zakharova is seen leading the way in the theme park, which houses more than 1,000 statues and tableaux surrounding Chinese culture. The picture's beautifully composed — seemingly shot just as a park artisan walks into the frame with a pagoda and trees in the backdrop.

#Followmeto Haw Par Villa

#Followmeto Marina Bay Sands

Everything looks peachy — until you notice that the model's kebaya top is worn backwards.

Sure, we get his direction. When your subject's back is the main artery driving your more than three million-strong popularity (it's all about Instagram numbers now, isn't it), you learn to make the most of it: Osmann has worked with Bochic for the New York-based fine jeweller's campaign photos, which has seen the duo roaming India with some bling on her back. Cartier is also getting in on the duo's following, with behind-the-scenes shots of their collaboration surfacing in the couple's recent trip to Abu Dhabi.

Yes, we know there are other things to worry about, or get pissed off at. But when you have a following of more than 3.4 million on a social network, we suggest Osmann to have a little bit more responsibility. We've seen our fair share of kebaya tops, and we're pretty sure there are intricate floral details at the back of that as well.

Meanwhile, the park artisan's expression is either a cry for help or just innocent wonderment. We're not sure he approves.

Text: Adibah Isa

  • Image:
    Instagram | @muradosmann
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