MTV Movie & TV Awards 2017: Behind the scenes

MTV Movie & TV Awards 2017: Behind the scenes

Glitz and glam

Text: Pramila G

Image: Getty Images

Emma Watson, Jourdan Dunn, Tracee Ellis Ross and Jasmine Tookes get ready for MTV Movie & TV Awards 2017

1. The mane affairs
Adir Abergel — the celebrity hairstylist behind Resse Witherspoon's bejewelled Met Gala hairdo — gave Emma Watson a similar look, but this time with springy wires.



2. Get ready with me
Models Jourdan Dunn and Amber Rose 
show off their freshly glammed looks.



3. Legs for days 
The Victoria's Secret model can be her own glam squad with this lingerie-inspired dress.


4. Check out our new favourite fashion fairy godmother on the red carpets   
Celebrity stylist Karla Welch spun her fashion magic wand on Black-ish actress, Tracee Ellis Ross and Stranger Things actress, Millie Bobby Brown. 


5. The rain stops for no one
MTV's TeenWolf star, Tyler Posen, makes a splash of an appearance at the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2017.


5. The Internet didn't disappoint with these memes
This meme of Camila Cabello is second best to her performance at the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2017.



 6. A tiny plus one
DJ Khaled makes an appearance with his four-month-old son Asahd. 


 7. Behind the scenes of the MTV Awards 2017 Stage
Zac Efron's latest Baywatch co-actress and beau, Alexandra Daddario takes a selfie with a shot of herself.




8. Love is in the air
Celebrities fan-girling each other has to be the cutest thing ever — especially when two inspirational voices of their respective generations meet. 




9. Trailer premieres of upcoming seasons and movies at MTV Awards 2017
13 Reasons Why is back to haunt you with its second season, while Gal Gadot wows us in the new Wonder Woman film.



10. The best group shots of the MTV Awards 2017
Choose your squad goals of the evening, whether you're into Stranger Things or the Vin Diesel crew.






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