What does teenage consumerism smell like?

What does teenage consumerism smell like?

Smell you later

Text: Adibah Isa

Artist Mojoko collaborates with scent designer Terry Jacobson for 'Sick Scents', bottling Singapore pop culture into seven new fragrances

Even if you haven't been to an exhibition by Mojoko (also known as Steve Lawler) within the white cube, chances are you've come across the artist's pop culture-inspired works in hip haunts such as Crackerjack and The Working Capitol in the CBD area. This time, the multimedia British artist has explored another medium to extend his visual language: Fragrance. In 'Sick Scents', Mojoko has collaborated with scent designer Terry Jacobson to explore the results of hyper pop culture and fragrance in seven new scents.

Jacobson is a key personality in scent design. As the founder of Allsense and Oo La Lab, he's designed scents for shopping malls, fitness studios and runway shows, and has worked on bottling themed scents of Singapore (which included the durian and other unmistakably local whiffs) for SG50. This collaboration with Mojoko sees the duo bottling diverse facets of Singapore culture into traditional Chinese medicine bottles.

'Twisted Passion' imagines what Mandarin dramas smell like, aided by whiffs of lemongrass and oriental spices. 'Mind Control' adopts a musky base with floral high notes to signify hypnosis in lovers, while 'Pinkachu' is a playful creature inspired by teenage consumerism by infusing bubblegum oil for a twist on traditional rose oil. For an aid to destress,'Psychotropics' reflects life in tropical Southeast Asia with extracts of citrus, jasmine and spice.

Mojoko Allsense 

Mojoko Allsense 

Mojoko Allsense 

'Sick Scents' by Mojoko runs from 1 to 25 June at Chan + Hori Contemporary. Read more stories on art and design.

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