Met Gala 2017: Behind the scenes

Met Gala 2017: Behind the scenes

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Text: Pramila G

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See Liu Wen, Alexa Chung, Karlie Kloss, Priyanka Chopra and other celebrities getting ready for the Met Gala 2017

1. Get ready with the stars 
We follow Hollywood's favourite makeup artists Charlotte Day and Frankie Foye as the likes of Liu Wen, Alexa Chung and Karlie Kloss get ready for the Met Gala 2017.




2. Love is in the air 
Models Chrissy Teigen and Gisele Bündchen get cosy with their hot plus ones before the madness of the Met Gala 2017.



3. It's always a race against time when it comes to fashion
While Marchesa and Ralph Lauren gave us a detailed glimpse of how the dresses for Teigen and Priyanka Chopra looks like in real life, Lily Collins shares a funny moment where she struggles getting her dress into the car.




4. Draw me like one of your girls
Sketches of Kendall Jenner in La Perla and Zoe Kravitz in Oscar De La Renta at the Met Gala 2017 by Emily Brickel Edelson had our hearts swooning for more illustrations. 


Met Gala 2017: Behind the scenes (фото 1)

Met Gala 2017: Behind the scenes (фото 2)

5. Makeup goddesses at the Met Gala 2017
Katy Perry, Collins and Selena Gomez's finished Met Gala 2017 looks serve as major inspirations for the our next night out.




6. The calm before the storm
Miranda Kerr chills out in her masks and squeezes in some stretches before getting glamourous for the Met Gala 2017.



7. What is the Met Gala without your personal makeup artist?
When it comes to makeupDaniel Martin is the go-to guy, with Eva Chen making the right choice for consecutive years. 



8. No outfit is complete without the perfect hairdo
The artist behind Hollywood's hottest hairstyles — Adir Abergel — gave Reese Witherspoon a bejewelled mane.




9. Scrunchies always save the day
Riley Keough, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley shares a screenshot of the text message mayhem that can happen before the cameras.


10. What happens inside the MET Gala doesn't stay inside the MET Gala after all
Ending the Met Gala 2017 with a traditional bathroom selfie, it's the perfect time to cue Kanye's famous lyrics, "Come and meet me in the bathroom stall".




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