5 things that will inevitably happen at every dinner party

5 things that will inevitably happen at every dinner party

Drop it like it's hot

Text: Clara Tan

Image: VH1,
TLC Southeast Asia

Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg demonstrate what you should or should not do in TLC's latest cooking show

We all know how stressful hosting dinner parties can get. From buying ingredients, confirming the final number of attendees (we're looking at you, last minute drop-outs) to the actual cooking itself, dinner parties can make or break friendships. So kudos to Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg for teaming up to throw TLC Southeast Asia's latest potluck party, Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. Yes, the two polar opposites are actually hosting a show together. They're an unlikely pair on television, from the time Dogg appeared on two episodes of Stewart's former talk show, Martha, to when they bantered during a Reddit AMA session about brownies. Lets not forget the time they roasted each other on Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast in 2015, and reunited on ABC's $100,000 Pyramid Reboot the following year. A match made in heaven? You bet.

In Potluck Dinner Party, the adorable pair go hand-in-hand to teach guests like Jason Derulo, Rick Ross and Kathy Griffin how to cook. We've pooled together moments from the show that perfectly encapsulate how whipping out a dish with your friends is really like.

1. When you suit up to chop onions

As tempting as it is to "ugly cry" like Kim Kardashian, we're more concerned with how those lethal, little buggers can pierce through our eyes. There is no greater pain than the suffering you get when you chop onions.

2. When your friend can't stick to his or her own designated station

We know you do your own voiceovers a la Masterchef or Nigella Lawson, but it's pretty annoying when someone tampers with your masterpiece. There's always a moment when that person thinks you need more salt, spice, or a new recipe altogether.

3. When your own crew turns their backs on you

When three's a crowd, there's always a tendency to take sides. Notably when the majority prefers someone else's dish above yours.

4. When you ask your guest to do the cooking instead 

You've already done the prep, the planning and the's time for someone else to lift a finger.

5. When you finally forgive and forget

After the alcohol has kicked in, the dessert's been passed around and the dishes have finally been done, you cast aside your differences and remember why the dinner party happened in the first place — friends forever, enemies never.

Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party premiered on 7 August on TLC Southeast Asia. Catch future episodes every Monday at 9pm.