5 other things you can see at M1 Fringe Festival 2017

5 other things you can see at M1 Fringe Festival 2017

Haters gonna hate

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Audi Khalid,
Nathan Brown,
Les Newman,
Crispian Chan,
Jon Cancio

After the withdrawal of ‘Undressing Room’ by Ming Poon and ‘Naked Ladies’ by Thea Fitz-James, we recommend 5 other events from M1 Fringe Festival — themed 'Art & Skin' — that dare to be different. Bring it on

1. Skin in SIN
Best for: Examining racism and xenophobia through burlesque
How should we make space for each other when Singapore's population is reaching 6.9 million? We can take off our clothes, suggest this diverse burlesque troupe. Produced and mentored by Becca d'Bus (a.k.a. Eugene Tan) and Madge of Honor, Foreign Bodies explores otherness, racism and xenophobia in Singapore through the eyes of expat experiences.

Lykie Liquor in Skin in SIN

2.  #CompulsiveCharcoal
Best for: Understanding compulsive skin picking through public drawings
London-based visual artist Liz Atkin has been drawing on public transport to keep her hands and fingers busy. To raise awareness for Compulsive Skin Picking, she's been drawing on newspapers with charcoal with a one-minute limit each time. Recovery through art is the real deal, and is something you'll get to see for yourself when #CompulsiveCharcoal hits the MRT trains in January.

Liz Atkin in the London tube

3. Chrysanthemum Gate
Best for: Breaking down the dynamics of Angmoh and Sarong Party Girl (SPG) relationships
You see the flirtations between East and West in design, food and fashion — but you also see it in the watering holes of Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. There's more than just a physical attraction between an SPG and her Angmoh arm candy. Andrew Sutherland and Chanel Ariel Chan examine the dynamics between such pairings as they look at the blurred lines in our respective Asian and Western identities, cultural appropriation (everyone's favourite trigger phrase) and who wears the pants in such relationships.

Chanel Ariel Chan in Chrysanthemum Gate

4. Pretty Butch
Best for: Finding out what it means to explore masculinity and femininity in a woman
This ensemble cast looks at the lives of five characters who are often harassed for being different. Taking into account the true stories of women and men who relate to being butch and defy gender conventions, Pretty Butch questions what it means to be grey in a black and white world. 

Deonn Yang in Pretty Butch

5. Deep in the Heart of Me
Best for: A post-mortem look at relationships
What does it mean to get under someone's skin? Examining the physical and mental effects of love and how the heart gives and forgives, a man and a woman look back on a relationship through a reading and Foley session that suggest how real life seeps into the creation of a character on stage. 

Janice Koh in Deep in the Heart of Me 

The M1 Fringe Festival 2017 runs from 4 to 15 January 2017 at select venues. To book tickets, click here.