Listen now: iNCH's new single, Mousedeer

Listen now: iNCH's new single, Mousedeer

Letters to Ubin

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Utek Leong

Inch Chua releases Mousedeer, the first track off her new EP Letters to Ubin

Pulau Ubin's kim moh cha boh (golden-haired woman) is back in the mainland with her new single, Mousedeer.

Beginning with the calls of the forest with birds, crickets and other woodland creatures alike, the track explores the theme of iNCH (real name: Inch Chua) seeing a mousedeer for the first time. With the help of producer Evan Low, the duo created a digital imprint of Pulau Ubin for this teaser of her new EP, Letters to Ubin, which launches on 26 November. This rural influence is a natural one — the indie-folk singer-songwriter called the island home for four months during her Artist-in-Residence stint. Have a listen below.

Mousedeer is available on Spotify. iNCH. will launch Letters to Ubin at the Aliwal Arts Centre on 26 November, 8pm. Tickets here.