Where to find the men living in fishbowls in Singapore

Where to find the men living in fishbowls in Singapore

Better when it's wetter

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Singapore Night Festival

The annual Singapore Night Festival returns with LeS AquamenS, two Frenchmen making a statement about communication and connection by way of fishbowls

After getting deliriously lost in the percussion sounds of Rhythm de Passion at Armenian Street's The Bloc Party, the crowd quiets down — ever so slightly — as two strange beings announce their arrival. Their entrance isn't an extravagantly loud one, but as the duo meander through the revellers, they're met with equal parts shock, awe and amusement. It's not every night you encounter two strangers with their heads stuck in fishbowls, by choice.

Each year, the Singapore Night Festival 2016 attempts to get the local crowd out and about in the evenings engaging in the arts. Among their talents this year include Machtiern Company, French street artists who promote street theatre through poetry and burlesque-like antics. Indeed, having your heads stuck in fishbowls can garner different interpretations. For the duo, they seek out to question how humans connect with each other when the barriers are up.

LeS AquamenS

As they walk around town, the public in turn becomes a part of the mobile artwork — communicating with the duo as they watch in silence. And in case you were wondering, yes, there are actual living goldfish in those bowls.

Catch LeS AquamenS tonight from 8 to 8.30pm as they around National Museum of Singapore, SOTA and Singapore Art Museum; 9.30 to 10pm at Festival Village at SMU and 11 - 11.30pm at Armenian Street to National Museum of Singapore. For more information on Singapore Night Festival 2016, click here