10 things you should never do to a person on leave

10 things you should never do to a person on leave

Don't call me maybe

Text: Adibah Isa

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Respect the sanctity of leave days, and don't be that person

1. Don't do a rage post on Facebook at 3am
Even if you think they'll see it because of the time difference, there's no need to stay up late just to get your point across. Television series How I Met Your Mother may have its faults, but if there's one thing we've learned, is that "Nothing good happens after 2am" — Donald Trump's Twitter account is a perfect example.

2. Don't give them a long list of things to buy while they're on holiday
Let's be honest: You could probably get that olive oil from Cold Storage, or that limited edition bag if you're smarter about your online shopping habits.

3. Don't text them on WhatsApp when they don't reply the first time

You know who does this? Desperate people on Tinder. We're all for ghosting when we're on holiday.

4. Don't forget to water their office plants
Going green benefits desk buddies, too.

5. Don't begin a text with "Sorry, I know you're on leave, but..."
You're not at all sorry. If you were, you wouldn't text them in the first place. Just what was so darn important?

6. Don't call them just to ask if they'd like to RSVP to your party

You might think otherwise, but their worlds don't revolve around how happy or validated you'll feel when they turn up to your event, your client's event, or your party.

7. Don't choose this time to bring out skeletons from your family's closet
That's what therapy sessions are for.

8. Don't blow up the work group chat with messages that should have just been private
Group chats pretty much exist for planning after-work drinks and exchanging funny memes, gossip and videos. Official things can be done in private messages.

9. Don't turn their desk to a dumping ground
Spread your wealth elsewhere.

10. Don't badmouth someone while they're on holiday
In the mood to hurt someone's legacy or values? If you want to be the bad guy who calls evil out when he or she sees it, just wait it out. It's more satisfying to let someone thoroughly enjoy their holiday, return and then kill their spirit.

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