Social media scoop: Drake's giving us more life

Social media scoop: Drake's giving us more life

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Text: Pramila G

Image: Instagram | @champagnepapi

Hot this week: Drake's new album release, the new Power Rangers movie and a Ghanaian player's boo-boo

1. Kim Kardashian's opens about her Paris Robbery
Fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians got emotional and started showing their support for the reality star on Twitter with the hashtag, #HereForKim, after she opened up about the night of the Paris robbery. 

2. Drake releases his new 'playlist' album with an impressive list of collaborators 
More Life got our grooves jumping from dancehall and grime to moody R&B beats. It's time to binge on the 22-song playlist.

3. Fans got confused as to whether Drake's Canadian or British
Despite More Life's impressive list of collaborators, Drake received backlash from his non-British (mostly American) fans for his excessive use of British slangs such as "ting".   

4. Who knew we would see Gucci and memes in one sentence?
Ever so plugged in, Gucci launches a meme project, #TFWGucci, in collaboration with meme artists all over the world featuring Gucci timepieces. 

5. Pink Ranger gets an update
There's no better way to show support for your siblings by dressing like their character onscreen. Here's one to add to your Halloween costume line-up.

6. Power Rangers' collaborations with fashion
Time to trash your band tees. Power Rangers merchandise are in the works, with collaborations with streetwear labels such as Kith.

7.  Ghanaian soccer player, Mohammed Anas, caught red handed on tape
We're cracking at some of the Twitter reactions after the soccer player makes a blunder on his postgame interview. 

8. Lulu makes it in Canada
Even the Canadians couldn't get enough of former Noose star Lulu. Kuddos to Michelle Chong. #Singaporeanpride

9. Chuck Berry's legacy will remain till the end of time 
Here's a tribute to one of the pioneers of Rock 'n' Roll music. RIP Chuck Berry. 

10. Disney's Mulan remake upsets fans
We were thrown off guard when we heard that the live action remake of Mulan would not be featuring any songs.



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