Social media scoop: Are tone-deaf ads a trend?

Social media scoop: Are tone-deaf ads a trend?

Buckle up

Text: Pramila G

Image: Instagram | Kendall Jenner

Advertising and marketing values take a dive as local and international names get flagged

1. Snapchat pulled off the shadiest prank ever
On April Fools' Day, Snapchat pranked us with an Instagram filter, clearly mocking Instagram's move in copying Snapchat for its stories function.

2. Following Snapchat's April Fools' joke, the internet went crazy
With multiple memes gracing the internet, our favourite has got to be the 'Turnitin 2017 stories'.

3. Pepsi goes under fire for its insensitive ad
What a way to diminish decades of African-American protests for civil rights. Our take? Stop riding on social causes as a means of personal or brand promotion.

4. Bernice King retaliated with this powerful tweet
Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter, Bernice King, had something to say about Pepsi's tone-deaf advertisement, and it wasn't pretty.

5. If you thought Pepsi was the only one getting the heat this week, you're wrong
Skincare brand Nivea recently published an advertisement with the copy: 'White is Purity'. We're just surprised at how many people failed to see its significance.

6. FavesAsia represents everything you hated about influencers
There's nothing wrong with being a social media influencer, but there's definitely more to the job than being Instagram famous, getting sponsorships and feeling validated by the amount of likes. This obsession needs to end. 

7. Not a case of "Keep calm and carry on" at Tiong Bahru
An unusual evening at OWNDAYS Tiong Bahru went viral on Facebook after a woman was seen to physically and verbally assaulting staff members.

8. The Internet wouldn't be the Internet if it didn't react with memes
Who knew Singaporeans were so creative?

9. Master of None is back for its second season on Netflix 
The end of the first season saw Dev boarding a flight in its cliffhanger — only for us to be rewarded with a John Legend sighting. Here's to more late night Netflix binges.

10. Coming out at 73 isn't easy, but we're glad this man did
Known for his hit song Mandy, Barry Manilow opens up about his sexuality and gets showered with support from fans. 

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