Three young artists find a home in a new exhibition at Keepers

Three young artists find a home in a new exhibition at Keepers

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Text: Adibah Isa

Keepers has launched an art programme with THEO Arts Professionals to present exhibitions and workshops supporting young artists

With May Lim's 'Seeing Symmetry', you'll never look at wreaths the same way again.

In red and green — colours you'd often associate with the year-end festive season — Lim uses motifs present in gothic architecture and anatomy to present a wreath of sorts. A ribcage and spine are seen interweaved in a work that's reflective of the artist's obsession with beauty and loss — both the disturbing and celebratory notions surrounding the latter.

This graphic print is just one of her works that will be showcased in local retail collective Keepers, as part of their collaboration with THEO Arts Professionals. The exhibition series will feature newly commissioned artworks by three local contemporary artists: May Lim, Mintio and Lau Eng Seng. Coupled with workshops related to their series, each artist will tutor aspiring participants who wish to pick up a skill or two.

As for 'Seeing Symmetry', you'll get a chance to learn about Lim's work and her use of symmetry. Often regarded as a tall order to achieve in terms of beauty, you'll learn how different artists throughout history use it, as well as try your hands on paper cutting motifs according to the theme.

There'll be lots more to do the next time you shop for local goods in Orchard Road, so mark your calendars.

May Lim's 'Seeing Symmetry' will be held from 20 to 29 November at Keepers. Her workshop will be held on 21 November from 4 to 5.30pm and is limited to 10-12 pax.