5 other tattoos Joseph Schooling could have gotten to mark his Olympic win

5 other tattoos Joseph Schooling could have gotten to mark his Olympic win

Not quite the lord of the rings

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Upon seeing Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling's new tattoo of the Olympic rings at a press conference, we suggest 5 other designs to ink

Joseph Schooling's not just the man of the hour — he's the man of the week, and possibly the man of the year after his Olympic win last weekend (we're sure PM Lee's going to mention him in his upcoming National Day rally on 21 August). To mark his achievement, the 21-year-old has gotten himself inked with the Olympics logo of five interlocking rings on his bicep, which he debuted at a press conference earlier today.

He's not the first Olympian to bear these rings — but if Schooling's thinking of getting more, here are five we suggest.

1.     Michael Phelps' face, or possibly his handprint
We cooed when the legendary Olympian made his press rounds with Schooling after the medal ceremony, possibly bestowing life lessons upon the younger swimmer. A handprint at where he last graced Schooling's shoulder would be perfect. Otherwise, the Singaporean could also go with the "Michael Phelps death stare" meme, which Phelps himself has endorsed as "awesome, so cool".

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2.     SG 50.39
This is pretty self-explanatory. After news that brands and companies have adopted Schooling's 50.39-second Olympic record for their own marketing campaigns, it's high time the swimmer made his own mark.

SG 50.39

3.     A butterfly
The reigning queen of all tramp stamps, a butterfly on the lower back is so overrated that hipsters are employing it to showcase their irony. But of course. For Schooling, those wings of freedom reflect a legacy — it was the 100m butterfly final that introduced the world to his talent.


4.     The Rio 2016 Olympics logo
Just for the memories.

Rio olympics

5.     The phrase, "You Got Schooled"
How many "Schooling" puns can you think of in five minutes? It's about time the young lad owned his last name, one that's proudly Singaporean — a name that beautifully reflects Singapore's rich multi-cultural history. By the way, we're still waiting for our Schooling off day.

Joseph Schooling tattoo

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