A new Japan Pavilion is coming to the International Furniture Fair Show in March

A new Japan Pavilion is coming to the International Furniture Fair Show in March

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Text: Adibah Isa

Image: atomi

Curated by atomi, the Japan Pavilion with debut at the International Furniture Fair Show (IFFS) and The Décor Show (TDS) from 10 to 13 March

You might already be familiar with what the different Japanese prefectures offer in terms of cuisine — but other than whetting your appetite, Japan's also home to a wealth of design know-how. For the first time, IFFS/TDS will stage a Japan Pavilion to sate all you 'Japanophiles' who are looking to add a slice of the country into your homes.

And not just a slice — the Japan Pavilion will showcase up to eight of Japan's different prefectures and areas. The surviving traditions in these regional crafts date back as far back to 1375, such as candle making in Hyogo. Pick up one or two textiles including hand-dyed wares from Kyoto's kimono-making expertise, sedge hats from Osaka or double-ikat weaves from Fukuoka.

For a new ornament to showcase in your home, opt for an automata from Yamaguchi made with traditional Japanese wooden craftsmanship. Another wooden discovery are the beech wood accessories from Aomori. If you'd like something shinier to add to your collection, check out the cast iron and copper tea utensils from Toyoma. Meanwhile, Tochigi is home to braiding, silk-weaving and is a proud producer of speakers made from the humble bottle-gourd fruit.

Speakers made from Tochigi's locally-grown bottle gourd

IFFS/TDS will be held at Singapore Expo from 10 to 13 March. For more details, click here