Italian artist Michaelangelo Pistoletto presents a living art installation on the roof of NTU

Italian artist Michaelangelo Pistoletto presents a living art installation on the roof of NTU

Third paradise

Text: Aravin Sandran

Image: NTU Singapore

Italian artist Michaelangelo Pistoletto was a seminal figure in the development of the Arte Povera movement. Directly translated as "poor art", the movement emerged in Italy among young and anti-elitist artists such as Giuseppe Penone during the late 1960s and early 1970s in direct response to rampant consumer culture. Besides his large mirrored works — some of which are currently on view as part of 'The Third Paradise – Between Obverse and Reverse' at Partners & Mucciaccia at Gillman Barracks right now  Pistoletto is best known for his legendary sculpture-based performative piece, Walking Sculpture (1967), where he rolled a globe made out of compacted newspapers that covered Italy's then unstable political climate on the streets of Turin. His friends, peers and the city's residents joined him along the way as the work accumulated grime, dirt and the history of the neighbourhood.

In January, Pistoletto created a living art installation on the sloping, curved grass roof of Nanyang Technological University's School of Art, Design and Media (ADM). The installation consists of Red Sessile Joyweed plant (an edible local shrub that is also made into herbal tea) that is fashioned into three large inter-connected circles spanning a staggering 41m at its longest length, based on his Third Paradise concept that is an evolution of the mathematical infinity sign to represent the integration of mankind with nature and technology. 

The Third Paradise symbol has graced a variety of locations around the world, including the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, where it was created with 193 stones — each representing a member state of the UN — and with transparent sheets at the Louvre Museum in Paris.  


The installation will be displayed till 10 February 2019 and is supported by modern and contemporary art gallery Partners & Mucciaccia.

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