5 things to look forward to in the new Zouk at Clarke Quay

5 things to look forward to in the new Zouk at Clarke Quay

Same old brand new Zouk

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Zouk Singapore

Hello, tomorrow: Zouk's move to Clarke Quay is finally materialised. Here are 5 things to look forward to as the heritage clubbing brand re-opens its doors tonight

1. Larger bathrooms
Don't even pretend that this isn't the thing you're hoping would be bigger and better. What we loved about the old Zouk was the shared wash basin concept, which gave you a chance to finally approach that one guy or girl you've been checking out the whole night — just after he or she relieves themselves, of course. Located at the mezzanine level of Zouk's main room, the wash basins now face the wall and remain the best social tools to encourage interaction. The bathrooms are larger as well, big enough to even show off some of your moves.

2. The light show
There's lots of talk about the hero of Zouk's main room, which is the light feature they've affectionately called "The Mothership". Crafted by Barcelona-based lighting design firm LEDSCONTROL, the team took the industrial and futuristic design brief of Zouk to form a spaceship-like aluminium body, with laser cut patterns and eight perimeter arrow-shaped pieces that drop down where necessary. It boasts more than 120 light patterns as well as concentrated beams, where people can get both lost in the forest of crazy lights, as well as have moments of calm — a fitting complement to Zouk's warm and crisp sound system it's retaining from the late audio designer, Gary Stewart.

Zouk Singapore

3. The movable space between Phuture and Zouk
Yes, the large club can also progress to form a super club in the space of just one night. The mural by local artist Jahan Loh in Phuture — titled 'Static Party' — is also an operable wall that can collapse down into a storage area and open up to Zouk's main room. The furniture in Phuture are all fiberglass and steel, its lightweight nature allowing an ease when it comes to accommodating different kinds of experiences. Look out for the design of the heritage legacy vinyl LP discs picked out by Jeremy Boon embedded in the custom-made low tables.


4. A catwalk and performance arena
Get ready for more fanfare when your favourite clubbing talents visit Zouk. Now armed with a catwalk of sorts flanking the DJ console and front stage, performances can be held to add to the showmanship, further enhanced by an LED backdrop for an extended display of visuals across the raw brick wall. Three raised VIP seating pods sit below the console, giving squad nights a feel of what it's like to have worshippers of the night bow down.

5. A more intimate table service space
Referencing the nightlife institutions in Berlin and New York City's Meatpacking District, Zouk's interior designers Independent Consultants (the same guys behind the space of Zouk's former home at Jiak Kim) had a well thought-out plan for the mezzanine level of Zouk's main room. To discourage people standing around near the private tables, they've strategically placed more screens for a little more security and privacy. 

Zouk opens tonight at 3C River Valley Road, The Cannery. For more information, click here.