Sunshine Nation's new festival wants to change how you love

Sunshine Nation's new festival wants to change how you love


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Tim Saccenti

... among other things. Organised by Sunshine Nation, IMI Festival brings you music, art installations and tech talks

Want to change how you love, conquer digital noise and become superhuman? A new festival at Old Kallang Airport might just have the answers, or at the very least, nudge you in the right direction. Organised by Sunshine Nation (the same guys who brought Bakermat to Garden Beats and turned a regular street into a smashing block party), IMI Festival will is a one-step center for all things innovation, music and inspiration.

For starters, they've roped in sex and relationship counselor Erin Chen, who we last saw at Green Is The New Black — founder Stephanie Dickson will also be on the moderators. Wander's Krystal Choo will also give her two cents on how technology has shaped the way we meet people, while Dema Tio of Vibease will tease you with the importance of self-pleasure. Get physical with Colin O'Shea, an Ironman triathlete, in a segment on how to make the most out of your bodies.

Sunshine Nation knows a thing or two about music programming. They've a solid line-up featuring both international acts such as Bob Moses (who will undoubtedly tear up your heart), Miami Horror (that electronica band behind the 2009 earworm, 'Sometimes'), Blade & Beard (the Iranian duo featured in the documentary, Raving Iran) as well as homegrown names Cats on Crack (hands up, HQ fans) and Brendon P.

A food village pretty much seals the deal, with IMI Festival revitalising the old school airport we often fondly look back upon.

IMI Festival will take place on 18 November at Old Kallang Airport. Book Phase 2 tickets.