How to turn your life around in 5 ways

How to turn your life around in 5 ways

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Text: Adibah Isa

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Yes, it’s already November and no, it’s not too late to still make 2017 your year. Here’s how

1. Get active
Even if you can't cram three sessions that include 45 minutes of cardio or HIIT each week, get moving. Walk everywhere, join that fitness class you've always wanted or try out one of those one-week or one-month gym trials.

2. Eat clean
We know Christmas is coming, so clear the gutter before you go hard on the good stuff. Cut down your portions for rice and other carbs in half and choose grilling and steaming over frying. As horrible as dieting is, convince your close friends to do it with you — misery loves company after all.

3. Throw stuff away
It's now or never. Marie Kondo your life by clearing out your wardrobe, room and desk. Throw away items that have served their purpose or don't bring you happiness. Remember: Nostalgia is not your friend!

4. Do a mind map
Remember those painful mind map classes we had to attend in primary school? You never think they'll come in handy, but they do. Map out your thought process and set attainable goals that you think you can achieve by December, and set out to do it. Or at least, map out a foreseeable path and stick in on your office wall for daily reminders.

5. Don't give a f*ck
Lives have been changed thanks to this book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. Useful questions to ask yourself: Are you valuing the wrong things? Have you embraced your faults? What problem do you want to have? Moral of the story: The lesser f*cks you give, the better.