Here's what went down at Neon Lights last weekend

Here's what went down at Neon Lights last weekend


Text: Adibah Isa

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Neon Lights

Missed Neon Lights or looking to relive the moments? Here are the 10 best Instagram moments from the two-day arts and music festival

1. When the trimmings at Neon Lights lived up to their namesake.
Buntings and streamers framed century-old gates while large flags in an assortment of brights added to the festival feel.

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2. When hammocks were set up at Hammockland.
Mostly for the exhausted revellers who just can't. There was even a contest to win an Airmock. It's definitely a better way to relax than having to deal with unwanted grass and soil in between your legs when you lie down.

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3. When jewellery went back to basics.
Kids (and the occasional adult) had their hands in making these earrings and bangles at the Cloud Factory, which really helped in jazzing up your outfit. We're not going to lie, the activities in the Cloud Factory tent was also a good excuse for parents to leave their kids behind to the appointed caregivers while they had their own fun.


4. When it was really all about the food.
Whether it was churros from Chulop!, beef burgers from Lime House Asia or gourmet bagels from Two Men Bagel House, there was no space for posh nosh here — in fact, the messier it was, the better.



5. When the arts provided an escape for revellers in between sets.
In the day, Antz and Zero decked the halls with a live showcase of their street art. When the sun went down, dancers in fluorescent neon-coloured outfits gyrated atop platforms while those in Zentai suits made a statement on art.




6. When musicians sneaked in behind-the-scene snaps.
Before Nouvelle Vague wowed with their brand of sultry, bossa nova-tinged covers just shy of sunset, vocalists Elodie Frege and Liset Alea paused for a backstage pout. Meanwhile, Lost Weekend was the first act to warm up the Neon Gardens stage on Saturday afternoon.



7. When Rachael Yamagata and Damien Rice made the crowd laugh, shudder and cry.
It's Yamagata's seventh show here — someone get her a BTO application already. Meanwhile, Rice shared bottles of wine with two lucky audience members on stage while singing and stumbling along to Cheers Darlin'. What was behind Neon Lights' plan to put these talented sad sacks one after the other anyway? By the end of Rice's set, people were sniffling.


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8. When festival-goers brought out their inner hippie/bohemian/hobo.
Side-angle pose, check. Boyfriend-style poncho, check. Pensive or nonchalant expression, check. Unfortunately, we also spotted someone wearing a Native American headdress — it definitely wasn't one of festival fashion's best moments.



9. When Sailor Jerry and Grease Monkey Barber Garage set up a makeshift barber shack.
Getting your hair done with sick tunes from the likes of Ratatat, Kiasmos and Mogwai in the background? Why not.


10. When each night ended with a bang.
Saturday night ended with CHIC featuring Nile Rodgers, who didn't end his set until after midnight (it was supposed to end at 11.45pm). The 63-year-old and his band belted out hits which he produced with stars such as Duran Duran, Madonna and the crowd favourite, Daft Punk. Towards the end, his crew even selected members of the audience to dance on stage. The final act of the festival, Flight Facilities, also took on extra manpower on stage — members from fellow Neon Lights performers RÜFÜS and Broods joined them as the rain showered down.



Neon Lights was staged on 28 and 29 November at Fort Canning Park. Read more from our interview with Daughter and Nile Rodgers.