Here's Spotify's most streamed artist of 2015

Here's Spotify's most streamed artist of 2015

Surprise, surprise

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

"Because you don't need nobody else"

Move over, Ed Sheeran — Drake has nabbed your spot as most streamed artist of the year. Beating Sheeran's position last year, the Hotline Bling rapper had over 1.8 billion streams on Spotify, with over 46 million listeners tuning in. We reckon Hotline Bling's music video — the stuff of nightmares, halloween costumes and memes — had a lot to do with this. 

Sheeran needn't need to worry though — he's still the top streamed artist of all time on Spotify. In 2015, he's also the second popular artist while his track Thinking Out Loud is Spotify's most played track in Singapore. Sheeran also takes home the title of "second most viral track in Singapore" with Photograph — proving that loving can't always hurt.

On the homefront again, Spotify has reported that Jay Chou is a top favourite, while Adam Lambert's Ghost Town is part of the top three tracks that went viral.