Unfamiliar with Singapore’s music scene? Hear65’s your answer

Unfamiliar with Singapore’s music scene? Hear65’s your answer

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Text: Rachel Chan

Image: Bandwagon

Hear65 is a new digital platform for all things local music, featuring only Singaporean artists to promote the music scene here

With events like CITY65 Music Festival giving a big nod to our music scene, Hear65 is an initiative by the National Arts Council (NAC) and produced by music media company Bandwagon as a digital platform for promoting homegrown talents, and the first nationwide movement to spread the love for them. After a 2017 survey by the National Music Consumption Survey found that the top two singers recognised by Singaporeans are JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun, Hear65 was born to increase awareness on other artists and language groups for future local music consumers.
Hear65 Singapore

Currently, the online platform contains more than 350 artists and 1,800 albums across four languages that users can listen to, from newly released tracks from acts like Theodora and Oddshore, to songs that our parents loved way back in the '60s and before in its 'Discover' section. The consolidation of the artists' albums will then link users back to existing streaming services for them to listen to. Apart from listening to what the talents have to offer, Hear65 also allows its users to score and review songs, even opening the ground for more artist suggestions who have yet to be featured on the website.

Collaborating with Esplanade's Baybeats Budding Writers programme, Hear65 will be producing articles while working together with radio stations from Mediacorp and Singapore Press Holdings to air local music and live performances. Hear65's event partners such as Australia's BIGSOUND music festival and independent cinema The Projector will give musicians a chance to perform on an international stage, and to host and screen local music respectively.
Hear65 Singapore

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