What to do at home now that the haze is back

What to do at home now that the haze is back

Oh joy

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Instagram | @lauraiz

As PSI levels rise, so is our need to stay at home. Here are 10 other things you can do that'll solve the Pokémon Go and social withdrawal symptoms

1. Learn how to play the Beach Boys on the ukulele
For once, put that baby you've neglected for ages to good use. Rolling Stone's second greatest album of all time, the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds turns 50 this year. Learn how to play Wouldn't It Be Nice and watch as the manic pixie dream girl inside you wakes up.


2. Play the new Paul Smith game
Trust the uber innovative Brit to keep up with the times. Paul Smith's first mobile game, Dino Jumper doesn't require you to be outdoors — thank heavens. Inspired by the dinosaur print from the brand's autumn/winter 2016 collections, it brings back the glory days of '70s arcade games.

Paul Smith Dino Jumper

3. Dress your child up in pop culture characters
It's about time motherhood got a little bit interesting. Just before your child falls asleep, make like photographer Laura Izumikawa and dress him or her in timely characters. Izumikawa's already done something for the Olympics, Stranger Things and of course, Pokémon Go, so what's your move?

Pokemon baby

4. Cook something new
Make something fiery like a Tom Yum Goong or classic herbed mussels — both with gravy good enough to drink — and you're set for a hearty, stay-home weekend.

Tom yum

5. Play our Ultra game to win tickets
Test your memory skills with a game that matches sets of pictures together to win tickets to Ultra Music Festival Singapore 2016, happening on 10 and 11 September. The game's pretty tough at first as they look similar, but with enough tries you should stand a chance to win at 10 seconds, the current score to beat.

Deadmau5 in Ultra Miami

6. Netflix and chill
If you're done binge-watching Stranger Things and The Get Down, we recommend the oldie-but-goodie Top Gear to get you in the mood for Formula 1. There's even an episode with Usain Bolt (series 13, episode 4). For what to watch when you actually want to chill — instead of, you know — see our suggestions here.

7. Listen to the THELIONCITYBOY's new album
Kevin Lester a.k.a. THELIONCITYBOY drops his full album, Paradise, today on digital platforms Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. It features collaborations with Benjamin Kheng, Charlie Lim, Gentle Bones, Aarika Lee and Flightsch, so gather your mates for a listening party.

8. Scent your soul with flower elixers
Notably the ones by Lotus Wei. These modern-day magic potions are made from flowers that have been distilled into essences. A few droplets of Joy Juice (available at new e-retailer An Uplifted Day) in your water or under the tongue can open joy, euphoria and contentment and bring back your inner child. "Can the child within my heart rise above?" asks Stevie Nicks sorrowfully in Landslide. Yes, she can!

An Uplifted Day

9. Take up knitting
As a tribute to the late queen of knitwear, Sonia Rykiel, start making your own threads. Rykiel started a revolution when she transformed knitwear from frumpy to sexy — you can start somewhere, too. We recommend following La Maison Rillie, a popular knitting site with patterns and tutorials.

Sonia Rykiel

10. Colour your way through American politics
Adult colouring has really taken off in the last two years, but it's about time you moved on from filling in secret gardens and winter wonderlands. Engage yourself in the little things that make up Donald Trump with The Huge & Beautiful Trumptivity Coloring & Activity Book: Coloring Therapy to Deal with Donald Trump. It's one of the few things you can do to avoid tearing your hair out each time he speaks. 


Donald Trump colouring book

For more ideas on what to do this weekend, click here.