Game of Thrones: 10 funniest reactions

Game of Thrones: 10 funniest reactions

Winter is here

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Instagram | @teddysphotos,
Helen Sloan - HBO

The funniest Twitter reactions on season 7 of Game Of Thrones — featuring, of course, Ed Sheeran

1. Different time zones mean different opportunities for spoilers

2. People pretty much freaked out when memes and photos of Ed Sheeran in Game Of Thrones were released

3. For a day, the world was split into two: Those who haven't seen Game Of Thrones, and those who live for it

4. Celebrity fans made sure they stayed off Twitter...sort of

5. Of course, all roads led back to Donald Trump

6. Elizabeth Banks set her priorities straight

7. Even your sex and love lives involved the Seven Kingdoms

8. Modern day thoughts infiltrated old world tragedies

9. Arya was both beautiful and brutal

10. And finally, it all proved too much for Sheeran