Street and pop artist Flore exhibits in Hublot Galerie at Design Miami

Street and pop artist Flore exhibits in Hublot Galerie at Design Miami

Street cred

Text: Adibah Isa

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Artist spotlight: Brooklyn-born, Miami-based painter Flore debuts new work for Hublot

It's good to get on a Swiss luxury watchmaker's good side. Just ask James Marsden, who we recently interviewed when he was in town last week. There's a wealth of credibility to a brand such as Hublot, especially when you also associate yourself with finely-made objects. Case in point: Hublot's new collaborator, Flore. The 33-year-old professional painter and artist (whose real name is Chris Florentino) recently exhibited his new work for the brand at Hublot Galerie in Miami, where he also had a separate solo show, 'Sketches of a Mad Man', at Scope Art Show.

Hublot's association with street culture isn't new. Also for Design Miami, they've worked with tattoo artist Maxime Buchi of Sang Bleu in London for a live tattoo show at Hublot Galerie. This time, Flore steps in as both a backdrop and complement to Hublot's unconventional, industrial aesthetic with his witty, pop culture commentary. 


'Gorilla Warfare'


His work brings to mind street and pop artists the likes of Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and George Condo. Utilising written words with layers upon layers of meaning both partially concealed and exposed, the artist attempts to deconstruct and expose those layers inbuilt in society for what they really are. There might be a lot of distractions in his canvas, but they exist to represent how wrapped up we can become as a society while we continue with our existence. Pretty harrowing stuff — but it's a well-deserved pause amid the flurry of activity in Design Miami.

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