Five things to do this weekend: 15 - 17 January

Five things to do this weekend: 15 - 17 January

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Text: Rebekah Mah

Image: Singapore Art Museum,
Aliwal Arts Centre

Kick start Singapore Art Week this weekend with exhibitions, stand-up comedy and most importantly, copious amounts of books and beer

THEATRE |  The Shape Of Bird

Part of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2016, writer Jean Tay relates art and the animal in a world where speech and creativity are tightly controlled. When she tries to retain her imagination as she rebels against the authorities by writing stories to her daughter, things go out of control when the lines between her real life and the world she has created gets blurred.

15 January at 8pm and 16 January at 3pm and 8pm at the Esplanade Recital Studio. For more information, click here

BOOKS |  Books & Beer #34 

Held at literature-themed whisky bar The Belljar, mingle and meet new people over book-swapping and drinks. Bring up to 10 pre-loved books to share while pondering over the existential question, "Why Silvia Plath?".

16 January, from 4pm to 7pm at The Belljar. For more information, click here

ARTS |  Aliwal Urban Art Festival 

Expect exhibitions, workshops and live performances by local and international artists such as Mediocre Haircut Crew, Take Two and Jason Lim. Inspired by street culture, this year's festival also sheds light on skateboard art in the headlining exhibit, 'Cannot Be Bo(a)rdered'.



Five things to do this weekend: 15 - 17 January (фото 1)

16 January, from 5pm at Aliwal Arts Centre. Click here for more details.  

COMEDY | Kilo Laughs with Joanna Sio 

As a featured comedian on Comedy Central Asia who's performed in Australia, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong, Joanna Sio will be taking on themes such as colonialism, parenthood and life's nitty-gritty.

Five things to do this weekend: 15 - 17 January (фото 2)

16 January, 8pm at 66 Kampong Bugis. For more details, click here

ART | The Alchemists

When the boundaries of design were pushed to the limit by an Italian movement in the '70s, it resulted in a radical change by highlighting a seemingly magical role in designing. This has challenged the designer to question: What can be designed though the process of transmutation? As a result, local designers including Olivia Loy and Hans Tan explore a contemporary angle of transforming ordinary substances into gold. 

Five things to do this weekend: 15 - 17 January (фото 3)

16 to 23 January at the Singapore Art Museum. Click here for more details.