Watch now: Fariz Jabba releases his debut single and music video, 'Ape Sia'

"Ape sia?"

Text: Adibah Isa

Introducing Fariz Jabba, a Singaporean who raps in both English and Malay, representing his culture and generation in 'Ape Sia'

"Ape sia"?

An expression used in the Malay community to convey bewilderment, 'Ape Sia' is Fariz Jabba's calling card. Recently released, it comes months after his 16 Baris submission that combined Rich The Kid's "New Freezer" (feat. Kendrick Lamar) and local references. Produced by Shorya and shot by Izzraimy and Izzadelly of The Island Boys Collectives, 'Ape Sia' includes references that are so on point to the Singaporean Malay experience of growing up, with lines like "Balik kena rembat" (go home and get hit) as well as "member slalu datang lambat eh kau dah kenapa sia" (a friend always comes late, what's wrong with you).

"Our family has a very ironic sense of humour and I thought it would be a fun concept to portray in the song with a mix of both English and Malay," said the 22-year-old on his release. Fun fact: His brother is comedian Fakkah Fuzz, who has repped Singapore and the Malay community in his stand-up shows and specials. While he initially began his entertainment career as a dancer, Fariz Jabba eventually went on to rapping, singing and acting.

Check out the music video above to learn more about this bright young spark who's diversifying Singapore's music scene.

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