5 things to do this weekend: 24 - 26 March

5 things to do this weekend: 24 - 26 March

Get your dancing shoes on

Text: Pramila G


Get into jungle bass and techno or check out exhibitions at Grey Projects and Chan + Hori Contemporary

MUSIC | Sub City Hosted by Revision
Dance the night away to the hottest drum and bass and jungle bass music, featuring local Kiat from Syndicate and SENJA from Revision Music alongside international special guests Terrarin from Poland/Romania and MC YOMG from France.

25 March, 11pm to 3am at Piedra Negra. Click here for more details. 

MUSIC | Tropic Lab 3rd Anniversary with Haan & Jamie React hosted by Kilo Lounge
Tropic Lab seamlessly blends all three of their members' distinct sound to offer you a unique aural experience. Groove to their rendition of house and techno beats at Kilo Lounge.

 26 March, 2pm to 11pm, at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club respectively. Click here for more details.

ARTS | The Local People Travelling Series hosted by The Local People
The Local People Art Market is back with a nomadic twist. Held over two days at different locations, attend forums and workshops and chill out with good music, food and beers at After Dawn: BBQ Block Party.

25 to 26 March, 1pm to 11pm at Millenia Walk and Camp Kilo Charcoal Club respectively. Click here for more details. 

ART | The Brown Dabble hosted by Chan + Hori Contemporary
Muhammad Izdi, Singapore Art Museum's former design manager's first solo exhibition features animation, sculpture and prints highlighting the murkiness that engulfs as a result of human interferences to natural order.

5 things to do this weekend: 24 - 26 March (фото 1)
Till 2 April , 7pm to 9pm at Chan + Hori Contemporary. Click here for more details.

ART | Tints and Dispositions: Exhibition by Gilles Massot hosted by Grey Projects
Based on the works of his first exhibition three decades ago, Gilles Massot explores the graphic use of colour, appropriating and transforming his initial photographs to give them different meanings over time in 'Tints and Dispositions'. 

 21 March to 22 April, 1pm to 7 pm at Grey Projects. Click here for more details.