Social media scoop: Plagiarism claims, white-washed casts and wedding bells

Social media scoop: Plagiarism claims, white-washed casts and wedding bells

There's always a sliver lining

Text: Pramila G

Image: Instagram | Samira Wiley

New this week: Drama surrounds Ed Sheeran's Shape of You, Orange is the New Black actress, Samira Wiley's not-so-orange wedding and the new Crazy Rich Asian

1. Ed Sheeran comes clean with No Scrubs
Ed Sheeran admits his that highly successful and chart-topping song, Shape of You was indeed influenced by TLC's No Scrubs. The similarities are uncanny — hear it for yourself.  

2. Somebody's going to jail for Shape of you and it's not Ed Sheeran
A woman in England was sentenced to serve eight weeks in jail for repeatedly blasting Sheeran's Shape of You and being a constant public nuisance to her neighbours.  

3. Our favourite inmate Poussey Washington got hitched
Orange is the New Black writer and producer Lauren Morelli and supporting actress, Samira Wiley tied the knot last weekend. Looks like love can happen on film sets of jail cells too. #Couplegoals

4. Netflix and chill at Yishun?
To promote its second season of its highly successful series, Stranger Things, Netflix released a promotional video with the copy: "Is Yishun cursed, simply unlucky or struck by something stranger?". 

Is #Yishun cursed, simply unlucky, or struck by something stranger? We'll leave you to decide... #StrangerThings

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5. Death Note finally makes it to Netflix, but we're not happy about it 
Despite all the chill and binge joys Netflix has brought us, we're still sore over the white-washed cast of Death Note

6. J.K. Rowling's Mother's Day tweet made everyone outside the United Kingdom panic
For a moment, we were puzzled about the non-existent Mother's Day buzz in Singapore. Who knew other parts of the world had a different Mother's Day day to Britain? 

7. As #BrexitDay approaches, J.K. Rowling gets vocal and sentimental over it on twitter
Echoing many of the unheard voices in the United Kingdom, Rowling gets emotional with a series of tweets. It's going to be a sad day for many, we reckon.   

8. Amos Yee makes the headlines again, but this time, not for his hate speech
Controversial Singaporean blogger Amos Yee has been granted asylum in the U.S. for being persecuted by the Singapore Government.

9. For DC fans, 2017 can't get any better
It even got a seal of approval from Game of Throne's Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa. We simply can't wait for 17 November.

10. Henry Golding hits the jackpot
Singapore-based TV presenter, Henry Golding, gets cast as the lead character Nick Young in Crazy Rich Asians. We couldn't be any happier to see a familiar face on the big Hollywood screen. #Asianpride 

An absolute dream come true with many people to thank Firstly #WarnerBros, #ColorForce and #IvanhoePictures for putting their trust in me for such an amazing role. @jonmchu for tracking me down out of the thousands of fantastic talent here in Asia, having belief in me and spearheading such an awesome movie. @kevinkwanbooks for writing one of the most entertaining and enjoyable books that we have all come to love (The third installment is out soon!). @wonstancecoo and @michelleyeoh_official are some of the strongest voices for women and Asians across the world, it truly is a gift to have the chance to work with them on this exciting new journey. Literally bursting at the seams in anticipation! And of course thankyooooouuu to everybody who have sent words of congratulations and support, love you all! Xxx

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