Social media scoop: New and returning faces this television season

Social media scoop: New and returning faces this television season

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Text: Pramila G

Image: Dan Curwin

Soon, you can be expecting to see Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones, Tyra Banks on America's Got Talent and many more

1. Ed Sheeran to star in Game of Thrones
From the man who got us sporadically singing out the Billboard 200 chart topper Shape of You during office hours, 2017 is set to be the year of Ed Sheeran, with the redhead to star in the seventh season of Game of Thrones.


2. CW's Riverdale gets renewed for a second season
Inspired by Archie Comics characters, the American TV series, Riverdale, gets renewed for a second season. For now, we just want to know who killed Jason. 


3. Meet Scarlett Johansson, America's new first lady
Thanks to Johansson, spoof videos are making a comeback. 


4. American Crime season three and Trump's presidency
Mirroring the current socio-political situation in America, season three of American Crime gets a thumbs up from the Scandal starlet Kerry Washington. 


5. Get your luxe-fix with Daya by Zendaya
Like always, Zendaya Coleman stuns us with a copper satin dress at the Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Award. With her launching this satin number by her namesake label Daya by Zendaya, we can now borrow some of her sartorial charms.

@dayabyzendaya copper slip coming soon

A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya) on


6. Neil Patrick Harrison joins the V.F.D secret organisation
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Event gets renewed for a second season and Harrison gets Count Olaf's signature ankle tattoo as a tribute. How cute. 


7. Amal Clooney fights against human genocide by ISIS but gets featured for her baby bump instead
It's 2017, guys. Get witht the programme.


8. We've got a major TYRA Mail
Here's to more modelling tips and tricks during America's Got Talent from the smize queen herself. 


9. The Vampire Diaries wraps its seven-year series
Our hearts couldn't handle the finale episode of The Vampire Diaries.


10. Singaporean singer and songwriter to be featured in SWSX Music Festival
Can this week get any better? Following the premiere of her music video for Sticky Leaves on VEVO, Linying is set to play at the SWSX Music Festival as a showcasing act in Austin, Texas. 


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