Dos and Don'ts of an office Christmas party

Dos and Don'ts of an office Christmas party

Oh, behave

Text: Rina Sariff

Image: United International Pictures

It's that time of the year where both pride and dignity are pushed aside for the annual event you've been working your whole year towards: The office Christmas party. Inspired by the new Jennifer Aniston-led flick, here's how you should behave

DO: Turn up
Don't be a party pooper and use up your medical leave on the day of the party (unless you're really sick, of course). Excluding yourself will only harm your reputation and induce some serious FOMO (that's "fear of missing out" to you older folks) when you're left out from cheesy group photos and pantry chatter that you solely survive on to keep you going.

"If a reindeer can show up, so can you"
DON'T: Pig out
Yes, nothing tastes quite as good as free food, and while it's tempting to go all out on that spread of cold cuts, roasts and festive cakes, try to control yourself. Repeat that old adage of "a moment on the lips, forever on your hips" everytime you find yourself reaching out for just one more slice of logcake. Leave some room to allow yourself to have a proper conversation and not with cranberry sauce dripping down your chin.

DO: Dress according to the theme
Whether it's reviving a decade we wish would stay in the past, inhabiting your favourite Star Wars characters or sticking to the classic red or green colour palette, be a good sport and wear your threads well. Office dress codes still apply, so leave Regina George's Santa Baby outfit for Halloween. 
"If I wear this, no one can see how much I've put on"

DON'T: Get a ridiculous present for gift exchange
Receiving edible panties from a close group of friends would have been funny, but that's not an ideal gift for your colleagues. Or worse, bosses. Also, no one needs another photo frame, mug, or body bath and butter set, so take note.

DO: Keep your clothes on
If there's one thing we learned from watching Office Christmas Party, it's to always ensure your clothes are on you and not all over the floor. Or worse, missing. While you should definitely let loose and enjoy yourself, there's a limit to how much you can let your hair down. Remember the rule of thumb when it comes to drinking: One glass over an hour.

"This is why I like layering"
DON'T: Smooch your colleagues
A reassuring albeit lingering pat on the shoulder for support is always welcome, but not when you push it by moving that mistletoe around whenever a certain someone is near. Save your tongue tennis for post-work drinks instead, preferably with someone who doesn't work in the same office. Same rules apply for those impressionable interns.

DO: Contribute to office decorations and clean-up
Give the party planning committee a hand whenever you can. From hanging wreaths by the windows or leaving stockings from door handles, you can go campy on your decor. Help them out by cleaning after yourself, even in the most tipsy of conditions.
"So that's what fire extinguishers are really for!"
DON'T: Mess up the playlist
You don't want to be that guy who insists on belting out a Mariah Carey number in between every two songs, and you also don't want to be that colleague who thinks he or she can do better. Leave the DJ duties to one person and one person only, and trust in him and her to get the job done. 

DO: Mingle among departments
It's always great to have ice breakers which give you a chance to get to know colleagues outside of your immediate team. A game of charades is always a good start, or bring a piñata to encourage a healthy channel for anger management. Stay away from drinking games though, and save them for the after-party (i.e. when your bosses leave).

"I'll stay for one drink"
DON'T: Start a dance-off
Unless you can really dance, of course. If you insist on doing so, do it with someone you're really comfortable with — not that guy you occassionally run into at the copier room. 
"This is the most comfortable I've been in an office setting" 
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