Crazy Rich Asians cast: Yay or nay?

Crazy Rich Asians cast: Yay or nay?

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Text: Pramila G

Image: Instagram | @henrygolding

Meet the new cast additions of Crazy Rich Asians and the controversies surrounding its casting decisions
1. It's finally happening 
We know that the Crazy Rich Asians filming has begun in Kuala Lumpur.


2. Crazy Rich Asians gets a cast update
Meet American personality Nora Lum — also known as Awkwafina — who happens to be a triple threat. Of South Korean and Chinese parentage, the rapper, actress and comedian will play shopaholic Peik Lin in this film. 


3. From strangers to cast members and lunch buddies
We don't know what we're more jealous of, that the cast are tucking into the killer crab burger from Breakfast Thieves or that Henry Golding (who plays lead Nick Young) and Awkwafina are hanging out.


4. An Oxford law graduate joins the cast
Best known for her role in sci-fi drama Humans, Brit actress Gemma Chan will be playing Astrid, Nick's cousin. Looks like dumplings make for a yummy icebreaker. 


5. Henry Golding isn't the only actor who's Singapore-based
Singapore actors Pierre Png, Fiona Xie and Tan Kheng Hua represent other characters in the Crazy Rich Asians lineup. 

6. Weather woes for Constance Wu in Kuala Lumpur 
Filming in Kuala Lumpur has its ups and downs, as Constance Wu discovers the effects of humidity.  


7. Are Eurasians not Asian or European enough?
Crazy Rich Asians gets criticised for casting Eurasians like Golding and Sonoya Mizuno in ethnically Chinese roles.

8. Jamie Chung comes clean 
In her previous interview with CBS News, Chung shares her outrage of the entertainment industry casting half-white actors like Golding.

9. This hottie says otherwise 
Chris Pang from Marco Polo is excited to be in an all-Asian cast, whether they are Eurasian or not. Period.  


10. Introducing the funny bone
Comedian and regular on The Daily Show Ronny Chieng also lands a role in Crazy Rich Asians.


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