What you missed from Comic-Con 2017

What you missed from Comic-Con 2017

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Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

Updates on Game Of Thrones, Twin Peaks, The Walking Dead, The Gifted, Kingsman and more

1. Twin Peaks' co-creator David Lynch attended the Comic-Con panel by way of video, with actress Naomi Watts (who plays Janey-E Jones) raving about the auteur

2. The Walking Dead releases its first trailer for season 8 of this zombie favourite

3. Fans of The Walking Dead were definitely shocked at what's to come

4. Always one to steal the limelight, HBO dropped a trailer with hints into the next episodes of Game Of Thrones

5. Of course, it wasn't all death and destruction at San Diego

6. Fox's first Marvel series The Gifted unveiled a new extended trailer of mutants

7. 6,000 fans were the first to watch a surprise screening of the first episode of Marvel's The Defenders before its premiere on Netflix on 18 August

8. Netflix's Death Note unveiled a new clip showing an early encounter between Light and the death god Ryuk from the popular manga series

9. Halle Berry had a really, really good time at the Kingsman Comic-Con panel

10. Justice League debuted a new still featuring Wonder Woman, Flash and Batman