@MusingMutley: Thank you, terima kasih and dhanyabad

@MusingMutley: Thank you, terima kasih and dhanyabad


Text: Norman Tan

The end of a chapter, and the launch of an exciting new project

One word: Bittersweet. 

Why? Bitter, because today marks the last day of our 6-month pop-up store at Scotts Square. And sweet, because it also heralds the beginning of our new editorial initiative: #BuroGivesBack.

Last Thursday, before the long Easter weekend — which is rather appropriate given the whole message of hope and rebirth — we held a party at the pop-up store to raise funds for underprivileged children (aged three to 16 years old) supported by local
 Nepali NGO, Children & Youth First (CYF)

What are we doing to help CYF?
The entire Buro editorial team will be heading to Kathmandu for five days in May to help set up an IT classroom and conduct workshops to teach the kids about online research and digital storytelling. Connecting Nepali kids with the Internet will expand their educational and e-learning opportunities through the vast resources available online. Something that we take for granted — with each email and Snapchat — every single day.

Why partner with CYF?
Haushala Thapa founded CYF in 2008 after rescuing 14 kids from an abusive orphanage, and today, through the strength of the organisation's good name and reputation for putting their kids first, they care for 50 children full-time. This year, CYF will be embarking on their biggest project yet: Moving out of their rented premises and building a school to board 100 kids, and with a daily capacity to educate 200 students. Thapa expressed her desire to connect the kids to the Internet. And since Buro 24/7 Singapore is a fully digital platform, the partnership was a perfect match.     

To learn more about CYF and the Life Vision Academy — the boarding school for marginalised youth supported by CYF — click on the video below.

How much have we raised so far?
From all of us at Buro 24/7 Singapore, and on behalf of the kids at CYF, a massive thank you to everyone who attended our fundraising party and contributed to the #BuroGivesBack initiative. A hundred percent of the net funds raised will be used to set up an IT classroom for CYF's Life Vision Academy boarding school.

Here's a summary of what we sold on the night, plus total funds raised thus far:   
50 Project Açai bowls: $532
21 Hugo Boss ties: $2,100
64 Little Sun solar lamps: $3,193
20 7Cycle spinclass sign-ups: $900
8 Gracinha Viterbo Head Couture pieces: $1,294
Weekend Project Açai promotion: $350
Online donations: $455
Gross funds raised: $8,824 

Subtract cost of Little Suns: ($1,025)
Net funds raised: $7,799

How can you help?
If you want to help us give back, and reach our goal of $10,000, there are still ways for you to get involved:
(a) Sign-up for our fundraiser spinclass with 7Cycle on Sunday 17 April at 2.30pm; and/or
(b) Make an online donation at our specially created fundraising site here; and/or
(c) Bid for a Leica T Camera (minimum bid $5,000) by emailing your bid to [email protected]

Your kind donation is much appreciated. Remember, every dollar makes a difference.

Thank you, terima kasih, or as they say in Nepali, dhanyabad. 

Special thanks to Leica Camera Asia Pacific for supporting the #BuroGivesBack project.

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