Buro. welcomes a new era

Buro. welcomes a new era


Text: Aravin Sandran

Buro Global's creative director Patrick Waugh explains the philosophy behind the modern sans-serif wordmark, timeless dot symbol and how they represent a move towards a global mindset

What is the philosophy behind Buro's new identity, and why now?

The Buro 24/7 rebrand comes at a time when many brands in the luxury market are visually re-introducing themselves to their audience with a new identity. Our re-design symbolises a new beginning and a new era, one that puts Buro into the centre of the global conversation of fashion, beauty, art, travel and technology. 

Looking at Buro's previous brand identity, what were some of the key changes that you felt needed to be made?

In our ambition to make Buro's new identity both modern and relevant, we felt confident about removing the phrase '24/7' from the logo. This element of the brand has now been updated by the Buro 'dot' symbol. Our dot symbol is a stylised representation of 'time never stops'  the hands of a clock, the sun and the moon. It represents that Buro is always live and publishing  where ever you are in the world.

From Celine to Burberry, luxury fashion houses are opting for minimal sans-serif fonts for their wordmark. Did this have any influence in the redesign?

Our redesign was actually completed much before the release of Celine and Burberry's new identities. However, the similarities in all three speak less to a font related conversation  but that each brand is looking forward to a new future that has to now include a much bigger and more diverse audience. The design similarities are more reflective of each brand simplifying down the logo's aesthetic to allow a bigger global audience to understand and imprint upon the wordmark. Its also important in these times of change to try and adopt an aesthetic that will not date in the near future, but becomes an identity that is timeless and classic. 

The circle pops up repeatedly throughout the new website: the dot in the new logo and circular images in the new layout. What does the dot represent and why was this graphic change important in the layout?

The circle motif plays an important role within the Buro redesign. The circle features heavily throughout the site's layout to help the grid of content flow more organically. The dot logo will now be used online and offline. We are excited to begin working with all our Buro partners around the world, expecting each of them to become the ambassadors of the dot identity. They will each begin commissioning young artists, sculptures and animators to 'colour in' our dots, bringing them to through a creative aesthetic that reflects their individual territories and references. 

Besides the new logo, what are some of the other design highlights would you like to draw attention to?

Alongside the brand's new identity, our teams have been working on exciting projects that will adopt the rebrand aesthetic. These briefs are both online and offline. This means our Buro community can begin interacting with us in a bigger and more emotive way.