Where to find the book vending machines by BooksActually

Where to find the book vending machines by BooksActually

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Text: Adibah Isa

Tokyo might have the weird and the kitsch in their vending machines, but Singapore has something better: Books. Here's where to find BooksActually's new book vending machines

Too busy to visit a bookshop, or running out of an excuse? BooksActually has introduced two book vending machines to make your first world pains so much easier. Most importantly, they're part of the indie bookshop's project to bring books and local literature to more members of the public, and to encourage reading on the go.

It's a timely initiative — earlier this week, the National Library Board launched the National Reading Movement. Kicking off a five-year initiative to promote reading in Singapore, it's aiming to encourage us to read more, read widely across genres and languages and to read together with family and friends. BooksActually's book vending machines are stocked with titles from local authors Amanda Lee Koe, Urban Sketchers, Joshua Ip and Troy Chin.

BooksActually book vending machine
Each book vending machine is also a labour of love from local artists Odelia Tang, Speak Cryptic and Alvin Mark Tan, who've marked their signature art on the otherwise plain-looking surfaces. You can find the first two book vending machines at National Museum of Singapore and the Singapore Visitor Centre, while the third machine will be installed at Goodman Arts Centre in mid-June.


BooksActually's book vending machines are located at the Singapore Visitor Centre, 1st floor, 216 Orchard Road and National Museum Singapore, Concourse, 93 Stamford Road. Another will be located at National Arts Council, Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road. For more on BooksActually, click here. To make your pledge to read, join the National Reading Movement here.