Mark your calendar: Films under the Banyan Tree

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Mark your calendar: Films under the Banyan Tree
National Museum's Under The Banyan Tree open air cinema series is back in August with two nostalgic films

There aren't many chances for open air cinemas in Singapore, but when we catch wind of it, it's definitely a must-see. The National Museum of Singapore's open air cinema series has rolled out two 50-year old releases for the month of August — now here's something to do other than sing patriotic praises during the National Day weekend.

Doctor Zhivago

First on their line-up is Doctor Zhivago (1965) starring Julie Christie and Omar Sharif. After Hollywood and fans (us included) have mourned the loss of Sharif in July, here's the chance to commemorate the talent that lived in his role as a Russian doctor exiled for writing poerty. Set in the early 20th century communist Soviet Union, the film's an adaptation of Nobel Prize winner Boris Pasternak's novel about the striving human spirit. 


You weren't alone when you had goosebumps listening to Lady Gaga's live performance of the Sound of Music at the Oscars earlier this year. In fact, when Julie Andrews came on stage to embrace her, this writer had to fight back tears. Now you can relive the splendour of the original for the umpteenth time. Expect some crowd sing-alongs with numbers such as My Favourite ThingsDo-Re-Mi, and Edelweiss.

7  and 8 August, 8pm at Stamford Green, National Museum of Singapore. More details here.

Text: Adibah Isa

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