Best iPhone games: What's new, what to play now and what to look forward to in 2019

Best iPhone games: What's new, what to play now and what to look forward to in 2019

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Text: Ethan Lee

Editor: Aravin Sandran

Top games to play now

Monument Valley 2

Although it has been on the App Store for some time now, the minimal M.C. Escher-styled game is the ultimate sit-back and relax puzzle game. Its simple storyline of a mother and daughter navigating through mind-boggling puzzles makes it the perfect game to put your brain cells to work without being impossibly tedious.

Alto's Odyssey

The sequel to 2015's Alto's Adventure, a endless runner snowboarding game, was released about a year ago with a new and improved version that included more mechanics such as wall-riding, falling platforms and bouncing hot air balloons. With a free-flowing cinematic gameplay coupled with a calming soundtrack, Alto's Odyssey is the perfect companion on any joyride.


The dark 2.5D puzzle platfom game was released earlier on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The game revolves around an unnamed, depressed boy who tries his best to stay alive and fulfil his objectives. This one is for the emo and goth kids out there.

Best games to look forward to in 2019

Beyond a Steel Sky

The sequal to the 1994 version  immerse yourself in a dystopian world that's being controlled by AI. Its hardcore cyberpunk aesthetic is influenced by George Orwell's seminal '1984' novel. Its design team includes Dave Gibbons, who was one of the comic artists behind the graphic novel 'Watchmen'.

The Artful Escape of Francis Vendett

Released on PC and Xbox in 2017,  the feel-good, psychedelic game follows an aspiring musician as he gathers inspiration and knowledge to build his identity and on-stage persona. Traversing different worlds, Francis Vendetti wields his guitar with fancy special abilities.


The creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi has joined forces with Mistwalker Corporation to create Fantasian. Sakaguchi will be using the unorthodox method of overlaying 3D character models on top of photo-realistic backgrounds that have been handmade and photographed IRL. There isn't much information about the game yet, but there have been lots of speculation around how its unconventional aesthetic will turn out.

The Pathless

From the creators of award-winning adventure video game Abzû, The Pathless follows a hunter and her side-kick pet eagle who are looking to save the world from its destruction. The open world universe features an oriental touch while the gameplay involves solving puzzles and discovering secrets within a cinematic environment.

Spotlight on Southeast Asian developers

Cat Quest 2

Based in Singapore, The Gentle Bros are back with a sequel to their award-winning original game. The second edition is an almagation of your favourite PC games: Maple Story's cartoon aesthetics, Diablo's role-playing vibes and Zelda's fairytale plotline.


Hailing from Bangkok, True Axion Interactive presents their brand-new one-on-one medieval game that blends Capcom's combat scenarios with Magic Card's strategic thinking.


Created by a KL-based young game design company, WarPods is a turn-based block breaker RPG that features nineties-inspired characters and in-your-face graphics.

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