Behind the scenes at the Brit Awards 2018

Behind the scenes at the Brit Awards 2018

Backstage business

Text: Adibah Isa

Hello Brit Awards, the '90s called — they want their icons back. We spotted a Spice Girl, a Friends friend and a former Mis-Teeq member at the Brit Awards. Here are some highlights

1. Rita Ora gets Rimmel-ready


2. Baby Spice shares her Brit Awards loot ahead of the event


3. Model Hailey Baldwin opts for a bold lippie


4. Justin Timberlake, riding high on his musical comeback, gets ready at rehearsals


5. Alesha of Mis-Teeq gets the party started in her ride


6. A close-up of Ellie Goulding's striking heel


7. The mark of success? Having your own personal back rubber


8. Hello, Monica!


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