Here's how you can bring Batman and Superman home

Here's how you can bring Batman and Superman home

Everyday heroes

Text: Adibah Isa

Freshly-squeezed at Lumas Gallery: Prints by Daniel Ricard featuring Batman and Superman like you've never seen them before

Batman v Superman might have bombed with the critics upon its release in March, but the movie took home more than 800 million for a reason: People stay loyal to the childhood heroes they've grown up with. One faithful follower is Canada-based photographer Daniel Picard, who took this fandom up a notch.

Using his own collection of plastic figurines, Picard depicts the superheroes in the last places you'd see them: A petrol station and a beach hut, for example (though the graffiti war between Batman and Superman is pretty expected). Both a satire and homage to his childhood icons, these prints are now available for purchase by LUMAS Gallery. Book an appointment with them to see these prints for yourself, and take Batman and Superman home.

LUMAS Gallery is located at 04-47 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road. For more information, click here.