'Bandersnatch': The Internet reacts to Black Mirror's interactive episode on Netflix — spoilers ahead

'Bandersnatch': The Internet reacts to Black Mirror's interactive episode on Netflix — spoilers ahead

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Text: Aravin Sandran

Image: Netflix

Netflix's sci-fi hit Black Mirror released an interactive episode last week where viewers get to make decisions on behalf of the characters and discover alternate endings. 

"Keep your mouse or trackpad close at hand," advises a retro television set as the episode begins. The hour and 30-minute long standalone episode takes place in 1984 and centres around an awkward young programmer Stefan Butler (playing by Fionn Whiteread). Alternating between mundane choices (Sugar Puffs or Frosties) and grievous decisions (chop or bury a body), viewers must guide Stefan as he attempts to adapt a dark fantasy novel into a video game, all while reality unravels around him. Obviously, shit gets real pretty quickly, and in true Black Mirror style, there is no genuine happy ending. 

The Internet has been going wild over how they've repetitively asked Stefan to kill his dad with an ashtray and prompt his idol Colin to jump to his death. It's all pretty macabre.


For the most astute viewers, the choose-your-own-adventure narrative has a few Easter eggs such as a game hidden right at the very end in a post-credit scene where Stefan listens to a tape marked "Bandersnatch Demo" on his ZX Spectrum computer with a screechy loading noise in the background. This sound can actually be loaded into a Spectrum to reveal a QR code that takes viewers to a hidden website where the game Nohzdhyve — that Colin was developing  can be downloaded and played. 

The fifth season of Black Mirror is set to be released in 2019. With all the hype and buzz created by Bandersnatch, the fifth season is looking to be the most anticipated one yet.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is available for streaming on Netflix now.