An editor's note from Buro. Singapore's new publisher and editorial director, Rahat Kapur

An editor's note from Buro. Singapore's new publisher and editorial director, Rahat Kapur

Bolder, Better, Brighter BURO.

Text: Rahat Kapur

Welcome to the first of what I know will be many conversations between you and I, as we kick-off a brand new chapter for BURO. Singapore in 2021. If you'd told me a year ago, I'd be publishing an editorial note for one of Singapore's leading online digital publications today, I'd have asked you whether I should also be buying a lottery ticket, just in case the streak of good luck continued. But here we are, celebrating the start of a new journey together and one we can all embark on with a vision of success.

For those of you who have been fans and avid readers of BURO. in Singapore and for those of you who are only just discovering it across the world, it's always been the ultimate digital companion and 'little black book' of all things fashion, beauty, luxury and lifestyle, where the best of trending news and pop cultural insights come to play.

As millennials, we seem to face the most unique challenges and pressures to both conform to and stand out in society right now, perhaps more so than any other generation has in the past. We have both the rise of digital and social media to thank for our hyper-integrated connectivity as well as both to blame for our sometimes lack of human touch. It's no surprise we sometimes don't know how, where, when or why to engage anymore, and I for one, feel like no stranger to this conundrum.

And whilst we have always thrived off our 24/7 cultural news desk remit, today we get ready to embrace a more curated and cultivated approach to our platform, making it easy for you to choose, to read and to consume only the content you know is made and selected just for you. It's the insider's guide you love and already know — just slicker, sharper and more hand-picked than ever before.

So what can you expect to see at BURO. in 2021? More compelling stories, more creativity, a more interactive website and omni-channel experience, and all the things you may already know and love from our talented team, elevated. You'll also see us break beyond the written and into the audio, video and social media realms, giving you more variety and touch points for engagement than ever before.

This will be the platform where you can come to for an authentic and sometimes cathartic conversation about maneuvering life as a twenty or thirty something-year old. One who's trying to balance style, beauty, fitness, career, social life and romance, all in the same breath. As a member of the BURO. audience, I hope this becomes your go-to place for all things trend-setting and on-the-pulse, but also a safe haven for any difficult conversations and messages that may provoke and excite new narratives and conversations in Singapore, some of which we've been waiting a long time to have.

There's been no better time to be bold, be better, be more confident, be heard and be BURO.


Rahat Kapur